Tropical Leaves

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Red plant pots
Banana leaf 12 inch ready to use hanging baskets
Growing Success Flower & Shrub Bug Killer
Horticultural Grit
Window sill propagator kit, long tray with 3 seed trays and lids
Propagator kit, seed trays with lid and inserts
Discounted price
Blue Scoops
Pet Scoops
Leek and Onion fertiliser, low nitrogen chempak
New Offer
Levington Tomorite, 1.3L
New Offer
Glyphosphate Weed Killer, 3L [bumper size]
New Offer
Trugs, shocking pink 26L
New Offer - Special price
Hanging Baskets and small trugs ready planted with tulips
New Offer
Half size seed trays, plastic
12p each or 10 for £1.00
New Offer
Slug Gone wool pellets to control slugs in containers
New Offer
Seed Tray sieve, 10 inches
New Offer
12 inch hanging baskets, ready to plant
New Offer
16 inch hanging baskets, ready to plant
New Offer
6X fertiliser
1kg for £1.55

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