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Cactus Feed



Houseplant Feed



Baby Bio

Houseplant Leaf Shine

Spray Can


Orchid Droplet Feeders


Baby Bio

Citrus Feed


Houseplant Droplet Feeders

£2.45 pack or 95p each


Hydroleca is a brown lightweight aggregate with a nominal particle size of 8-16mm. Hydroleca is ideal to use as a decorative pot topper for interior planting schemes, taking in water and slowly releasing it to the plants. Not only this but also as a component in growing media. Being lightweight it is easy to handle and provides a micro-climate for the plants. Use within the substrate to increase the air filled porosity providing a healthier root system therefore is less susceptible to over watering.

Full bag


Orchid Feed



Baby Bio

Original Houseplant Feed


Baby Bio

Houseplant Bug Killer

1 Litre


Houseplant Watering Indicator


Orchid Mist



Orchid Cacti & Houseplants

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