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Autumn Show 2024

Show Timetable

Saturday 7th September 2024

7.45 - 9.45 am

10.00 am


14.00 - 15.45 pm

15.30 pm

Staging of Exhibits

Judging commences

Open to the Public

Refreshments will be available

Presentation of Prizes and Raffle

Friday 6th September 2024

19:00 - 20:00 

Receipt of Entry Forms at Hazlemere Community Centre


Autumn Show 2023 Awards

Hazlemere Cup
Most Points in Division A - Vegetables
Derek Bourne
Astor Cup
Most Points in Division B - Fruit
Mike Taylor / Carole Last
Beacon Cup
Most Points in Division C - Flowers & Pot Plant
Derek Bourne
HGA Rosette
Best Fruit Exhibit
Mike Taylor
Four Concord Pears
Wycombe Cup
Most points in horticultural Divisions A - C
Derek Bourne
Percy Morecroft Challenge Salver
Class 28 Winner (Collection of one specimen vegetable from any of five classes from 1-25)
Derek Bourne
Vegetable Collection Cup
Class 29 Winner (Vegetable Collection)
Brian Greenow
Noel’s Trug Shield
Class 30 Winner (collection of home grown vegetables displayed in a trug or basket )
Barbara Douglas
West Cup
Best Exhibit Novice Section
Liz Bristow
Heaviest marrow
Challenge Cup
Best Pot Plant
Moira Fernandes
Anthurium andraeanum Also known as Flamingo-Lily
Semon Cup
Most points in Domestic Division
Barbara Pearman
Centenary Cup
Most Points in Children’s Divisions
Lucas Lazda
Painted stone
HGA Rosette
Best Exhibit in the Novelty Division
Moira Fernandes
Heaviest marrow
Rose Bowl
Most Points in Floral Art Division
Maureen Rigg
RHS Bronze Medal
Best Vegetable Exhibit in Show
Derek Bourne
Five Tomatoes
RHS Bronze Medal
Best Pot Plant Exhibit in Show
Moira Fernandes
Anthurium andraeanum Also known as Flamingo-Lily
RHS Bronze Medal
Best Cut Flower Exhibit in Show
Barbara Pearman
Three Sunflowers
RHS Banksian Medal
Most Points, Horticultural Divisions
Ray Podbury
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